A Lover of Sights – منظروں کی محبت میں مبتلا


We all have been through such times in our lives where we adore a hobby, a pastime or a thing but never really are able to do it. We adore it only from a distance just like we adore some people but only from a distance. One of such things for me was adoring the habit of the morning walk done by others. I only used to adore it, appreciate it and praise the ones doing it but then I fell in love with it when I started living it.

Bon Voyage

November 19th, 2019 was the day when I started driving this boat. Just like the novice drivers, I am nervous that would I be able to continue with it or it is just a passion of 2-3 days or weeks…I am still finding it out. Let me take you to a virtual tour of the society I live in. It has many parks. I choose the one nearby my house infect it is just some easy steps away. The time I have chosen is of 6:15 till 6:50 only to leave me with 40 minutes to get ready and leave for work at 7:30. The distance I try covering is of 3 km by taking four rounds of this park.

The Talk of Trees

The boundary from almost all sides of the park is covered with trees. While walking on the edges of the park, I listen to the leaves of the trees talking to each other. When they talk, they pour dew drops on each other in the same manner when we take a friend’s shoulder for solace and it gets soaked with the pearls from our eyes. The sound of the dropping of the dew drops makes me stop and listen with more attention. It tells me that nature is all about belongingness. It is one big circle which welcomes everything and everyone in its shelter.

The Whirl of Birds

In a garden when birds walk, it feels as if their tails are dancing and they have worn a skirt of serenity which moves gracefully with their tiny steps. The green grass is a carpet of smoothness for them. I become a bird too when I am in the mountains. My feet touch the ground but give me a feel that I am walking on air with the clouds making my eyes go wide with amazement.

A Kiss on the Forehead

Nature is my cure from routine. My ears need the songs of birds chirping. My eyes need lavishly green sights. My forehead wants a kiss of the breeze which makes nature reside in me in a tactile form. Such a breeze which does not only kisses your forehead but also puts a soothing hand on it and whispers in your ears that let us align ourselves in one and the same direction.

Jingles of nature mingle in my ears and I hear back the words of a friend who asked me that why good things/ habits do not last long. I hope this one (the habit of morning walk) does!

One of someone’s flowerbeds!
I wrote these words which you just read while sitting on that distant bench. I think next time this chair can be a companion as well.
Let go of your burdens… Let the dead leaves drop.
Saw this abandoned toy at the park; just as people abandon us or we abandon them. This is how we may look; lifeless and out of place for some time.

Deciphering Life….(1)

Deciphering life with words, regrets, love, deceit, prose and poetry. Nature and life are one and the same for me. Like a lover who takes pleasure in writing a love letter to the beloved, I take pleasure in writing a letter to the soul. Nature is my soul.

Like the dewdrops remain with petals, serenity with spring and a silver lining with clouds; nature remains with me as soul with body. While deciphering life, I have tried to blend poetry with nature; the best love letter in the making! These shots have been taken at the place called ‘Panjpeer’ near Kahuta in Rawalpindi district, Pakistan.

Here is a collection of a few favorite pieces of Urdu poetry along with a loose English translation.


رات پھیلی ہے تیرے سرمئی آنچل کی طرح

چاند نکلا ہے تجھے ڈھونڈنے پاگل کی طرح

The night intensifies like your dark apparel

The moon embarks a deep struggle to find you

Poet: Kaleem Usmani



وہ بے وفا ہے تو کیا مت کہو برا اس کو

کہ جو ہوا سو ہوا خوش رکھے خدا اس کو

نظر نہ آئے تو اس کی تلاش میں رہنا

کہیں ملے تو پلٹ کر نہ دیکھنا اس کو

Do not call him callous even if he is a deserter

May he find happiness beside all deception

Be in his quest if he is out of sight but

Be oblivion if ever an encounter occurs

Poet: Naseer Turabi



یہ جو ہم ہیں نہ احساس میں جلتے ہوئے لوگ

ہم زمیں زاد نہ ہوتے تو ستارے ہوتے

Drenched in the fiery feelings, we are

like the stars if not human-like



سفر ختم نہ ہو تو مشکل اور

ختم ہو جائے تو اور مشکل

An expedition coupled with difficulties is terrible

But no expedition is even more terrible



عمر رائیگاں کردی تب یہ بات مانی ہے

موت اور محبت کی ایک ہی کہانی ہے

Being wasteful with life, consequently, I learn

Love and death are synonymous to each other

Poet: Noshi Gilani



بھیگے رستے، ہلکی برفباری ، گہری دُھند

آج کا موسم ، دل کے موسم جیسا ہے

Misty means, beguiled snowfall, abyssal haze

The heart is as heavy as the weather today

P.S: Only those credits have been given which I am sure of. Please give attribution if you know about the poets and the listed couplets. You can also drop in your favorite verses and couplets.

The weight of unsaid words…


Have you ever borne

the wait of unsaid words?


Driving on the highway of logic

And walking the road of rationality


In a sea of people, we pretended that

each other’s presence didn’t matter


Eyes were forced not to meet

Stares controlled and emotions coaled


Even the paths knew not to intersect

We lived the lie that things were perfect


Once again, sanity won and I

bore the weight of unsaid words

© Sana Shoukat

Eyes that mesmerize…


It is the tale of his passionate eyes

Beaming with a gleaming galore


When set at the world

Careless to the core


When grounded on her

Minor details they adore


Intensity piercing the cosmos

Eyes less, burning galaxies more


A sinful sunshine shedding over her

frozen lake-like heart to explore  


A bad weather signaled by her chary chimes

but some winds are too heavy to ignore

© Sana Shoukat 2019

Fallen leaves

autumn tree

Fallen leaves are piano chords

Stepping on them is a velvety melody

Crisp and cure, a lively metaphor

Such is the dance of the yellow allure

Nature is the necklace all my life I happily wore

Walking once on this subtle floor

will sip your despair by bestowing a whirling lure

A sprinkle of stardust is mandatory

for life’s difficult eras to endure

© Sana Shoukat 2019



A book of thoughts gets opened today

All I can inhale is the smell of the pages of past


Reflections, flash backs and nostalgia

All are names of the same torture


When my inklings were unable to align

Your words completed my poems divine


Then Autumn came and words shed like

leaves from your callous canopy


Some questions always remain unlucky

Unanswered then unanswered now


Which airport will lead me to the home of my heart?

Which passport will allow me to travel to your heart?

© Sana Shoukat 2019

A kingdom of conscience!


In times like this every heart chants this tale

That the world should let sanity prevail


An ablution with blood is daily performed

Would their prayers ever see a peaceful dawn?


Myriad roses of mournful mothers crushed

Many fervent petals nipped in the bud


Life is paralyzed by goons and gunshots

Homesick, Kashmir is, with peace thoughts 


Would red ever be the color of celebration?

Would there ever be an end to this oppression?  


The valley longs to be on the road to renaissance 

Of compassion, life, love hope and benevolence   


Let seeds of peace bloom in all magnificence

Let Kashmir be a kingdom of conscience

© Sana Shoukat 2019

This is a poem which I have written for Kashmir. An earthly heaven being torn apart since its inception. A cloud of helplessness surrounds me as I write because that is the least I can do by condemning it with words only.

One sunset of his gaze!


That only one sunset of his gaze

Took the orange away from her rainbow maze


Birds emptied their nests

And fish rose to the surface


Waves became stagnant and still

And ripples made no impact distilled


Everything started to swim in the reverse haze

For that only one sunset of his gaze

© Sana Shoukat 2019

The poem aims to deliver the emotional devastation coupled with a loved one’s anger.

A portrait due!

Hold the pallet for me so

that I can paint you


I’ll start with

what for you are the eyes

and for me my skies


Even the downpour of my intense rains

couldn’t cure the mist of your indifferent eyes


My boats of hope have lost

their way out of your ocean eyes


My brush now gets entangled

in the thick forest of your beard


One stroke of your monochrome mustache

becomes the sea of colours for me


I swim in these raw waves striving

to reach the shore of your jawline


I’ll turn you into art unimagined

All the museums in the world will 

ache to have you intacted 


I wish by the time

this masterpiece is done


You realise that

You are the pallet and

I am the brush

Longing to paint life as one

© Sana Shoukat 2019